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R. Lauterborn(1990)In a customer-oriented era, our company believes that when striving for competitive advantages, corporations should transit from adopting the original marketing mix (price, product, promotion, and place) to the new marketing mix (4C: consumer, cost, communication, and convenience).

  1. Product->Customer Value
  2. Price->Cost to Customer
  3. Place->Convenience
  4. Promotion->Communication  

(1)Product->Customer Value

Traditional business concepts involve designing a product with superior functions, quality, and performance to attract customers. However, from the perspective of customer relationship management (CRM), understanding and satisfying customer demands are also essential. Our customized products enable design and production to be based on the onsite environment of customers.

(2)Price->Cost to Customer

Traditional business concepts use minimal item prices to entice customers. From the perspective of CRM, maximizing customer value is even critical. In other words, companies should facilitate the reduction of customer concerns, efforts, money, and time during the purchasing process. The majority of our industry rivals compete by engaging in price wars, whereas our company considers the perspective of our customers. Our objective is to maximize the value based on customer budgets.


Traditional business concepts maintain that companies should design various efficient channels to actively communicate with customers. From the CRM perspective, companies should allow customers to select the interactive methods that are most convenient and applicable to them rather than making these decisions for the customer. Our company advertises throughout the country and our sales team is happy to communicate with our customers face to face. Regardless of customer location, our sales team will visit customers on customer request.


Traditional business concepts also maintain that companies should effectively implement advertising, activities, and public relations to promote products. However, from the CRM perspective, maintaining a high-quality bilateral interactive relationship between companies and customers is critical. New customers are primarily referred to us by existing customers, and this occurs because we maintain superior interactive relationships with our customers, which enhances their satisfaction. We believe that developing an excellent reputation through positive word-of-mouth is the key to sustainable operations.

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