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Our company believes that total quality management (TQM) is a simple but revolutionary approach for working processes. TQM signifies:
(一)all aspects of work, including identifying customer demands and evaluating customer satisfaction
(二)customer expectations have been fulfilled and surpassed; and
(三) developing and maintaining company ability to frequently and sustainably improve quality

Tenner and DeToro divided the TQM model into three aspects: objectives, principles, and elements. Elements are used to support principles and principles are promoted to achieve the objective of continual improvement. Consequently, a culture is shaped that emphasizes organizational quality and the production of high-quality products.

(一) Principles for quality implementation include the following:
1、Customer focus
2、Process improvement
3、Total involvement)

2、Education and training
3、Supportive structure
5、Reward and recognition


1.Customer focus 

To achieve customer-oriented service, our company requires that all staff provide consummate service throughout the manufacturing process. This comprises the moment when an order is received, followed by onsite visits to clarify customer demands, to manufacturing and installing equipment. TQM is a set of principles, tools, and procedures that serve as guidelines for organizations to manage general affairs. TQM is defined as the control and continued improvement of every employee in the organization concerning performing their job to meet customer expectations. To understand customer demands, after receiving customer orders, employees are dispatched to the site to clarify these demands. The company also offers recommendations to customers, informing customers of projects that can be implemented to save spending and costs. Furthermore, product manufacturing and installation processes undergo rigorous control and supervision to prevent problems from occurring after installation.

Continued improvements signify that every step of the work process is interrelated. By continuously focusing on improving each step to reduce output variability, the reliability of the process is increased and high quality is maintained.

3.Total involvement

The first prerequisite of TQM is complete input from every employee in the company. This includes the participation of the highest level leaders, medium-level managers, entry-level staff, and customers and suppliers. The scope of participation should include all processes involving product or service quality. High-level managers should act as a communication channel for visiting customers and understanding their needs. In addition, the company should manufacture any related products before completing the project onsite. During this process, all employees in the company play a critical role. TQM emphasizes complete input from all employees as well as their commitment and dedication toward superior quality. Only when all employees demonstrate their commitment to quality can TQM be effectively practiced.

   Our company primarily adopts a manufacturing process in which operations begin after receiving customer orders (BTO, Build-to-Order). This approach incorporates a high level of customization and maximizes customer satisfaction, thereby achieving our ultimate objective.

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