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一、Human-centered Design

When planning new laboratories, traditional laboratory-equipment manufacturers are frequently only concerned with consistency during the manufacturing process because this reduces costs. However, this philosophy results in laboratory tables that are either excessively high or excessively low, causing frustration for laboratory personnel. Moreover, traffic flow is not considered, leading to interference among laboratory personnel. Therefore, when planning new laboratories, our company considers the laboratory type requested by customers, such as suitable laboratory tables and efficient traffic flow. Our ultimate goal is to offer our customers human-centered products.

二、Safety Design

Laboratories are considered dangerous workplaces because of various reasons, such as possession of chemicals including acidic, basic, and organic solvents. The experimental process is also prone to producing hazardous substances that can cause harm to human health and pollute the environment. Because of this, our team is devoted to incorporating all safety considerations in product design. In addition to providing various convenient features, our company actively seeks domestic and international certification organizations to request product safety inspections and obtain certifications, thereby ensuring laboratory personnel safety.


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