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To ensure product quality, our company offers an extended product warranty of 2 years. Within the warranty period, outside of improper use, damage can be repaired by our company free of charge.
Customers may enjoy free repair services during the 2-year warranty period. Regarding damage that occurs past the warranty period, parts and service fees are applicable.
To move, dismantle, or modify our products, we provide subsequent planning as well as cost estimates prior to product dismantling or modification.
 In addition to after-sales product repairs, our service personnel is dedicated to making regular visits to return customers to learn about product usage conditions and provide operational recommendations. Our staff will also perform quick product maintenance to extend the product usage life.
On receipt of customer product-repair requests or learning of improper use, our company dispatches regional sales specialists to assist customers. Sales specialists perform repairs for issues that can be resolved on location. If repairs cannot be performed, repair-service orders will be completed immediately. Based on the damages listed on the service order, repair technicians obtain parts from the factory and schedule a time for repairs. After returning to the office following repairs, the repair technicians complete a repair-service registration form.
After-sales services for third-party products are performed by third-party vendors. However, our company is responsible for monitoring their service quality.。

In emergencies, customers may contact our head-office emergency hotline. Based on the severity of the situation, repair technicians may be dispatched to provide onsite services.

The Manufacturing Factory Department includes two teams of laboratory bench and plumbing technicians who provide mobile repairs for customers based on the hazard class provided below.



Handling principle


Immediate danger that may threaten safety

A repair technician is dispatched for onsite repairs the day of the call


Immediate danger without safety concerns. However, experimentation is impeded

A repair technician is dispatched for onsite repair within 24 hrs and new products are prepared for clients



Product failure that poses no immediate danger, however, safety concerns remain

A repair technician is dispatched for onsite repair within 3 days. Repairs are completed onsite after communicating with client

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