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Our company specializes in laboratory equipment. The overall planning, designs, manufacture, production, and after-sales services of our laboratory equipment for various types of laboratories are in strict compliance with international standards and requirements.

2012 Performance
2012 January Central Police University
2012 January National Ilan University
2012 February Minghsin University of Science and Technology
2012 February Yung Zip Chemical Co., Ltd.
2012 March National Central University

2012 April

Health Bureau of Taichung City Government

2012 April

Miaoli Sewage Plant

2011 Performance

2011 February National Chung Hsing University
2011 March Tsaotun Psychiatric Center
2011 March National United University
2011 April Hungkuang University
2012 May San Pu Environmental Analysis Co., Ltd.
2012 May Ryss Lab
2012 May Taiwan First Biotechnology Inc. (TFBI)
2012 May Pei Li Pharmaceutical IND. Co., Ltd.
2012 May Chaoyang University of Technology
2012 June Taipei Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection
2012 June Feng Chia University
2012 July Matsu Liquor Factory Industry
2012 July
Taichung precision parks
2012 July
Encore optoelectronics
2012 August
Zhongxing electrical
2012 August
Lihongsheng technology
2012 Augus National Chin-Yi University of Technology
2012 Augus
Metal Center
2012 Augus
National Ilan University
2012 Augus
Kang is the company
2012 September
Agricultural experimentation
2012 Octoberr
Providence University
2012 Octoberr
The Chinese Academy of Sciences
2012 November
Wing day chemistry
2012 November
Taichung city environmental protection Bureau
2012 November
Kamioka water plant
2012 Decemberr
Tainan City Environmental Protection Bureau
2012 Decemberr
National Central University

2011 Performance

2011 January
Dragon steel
2011 January Matsu Liquor Factory Industry
2011 February
Hong University of science and technology
2011 March
Institute for nuclear
2011 April Guantian Sewage Treatment Plant
2011 May
Far and wide industrial
2011 May
Swancor enterprises
2011 June
National Chung Hsing University
2011 June
National Chi Nan University
2011 July
Longtan water purification plant
2011 August
Tainan University of technology
2011 August national United University
2011 August distillery
2011 August wastewater treatment plant after
2011 September Suao maritime vocational school
2011 Octoberr -MC
2011 Octoberr Chaoyang University of technology
2011 November Feng Chia University
2011 November materials
2011 December Hengchun wastewater treatment plant
2011 December Fu-industrial

2010 Performance

2010 January Feng Chia University
2010 February Taiwan Chinese Petroleum Corporation
2010 March Providence University
2010 March drugs
2010 April swancor enterprises
2010 May National Chi-Nan University
2010 May nuclear energy Institute
2010 May Baoshan wastewater treatment plant
2010 June Nantou hospital
2010 June Taichung Hospital
2010 July Feng Chia University
2010 July Tunghai University
2010 August Hong University of science and technology
2010 August Jiaotong University
2010 September mingdao University
2010 September National Chung Hsing University
2010 Octoberr Chaoyang University of technology
2010 Octoberr gang-solid industrial
2010 November Suao maritime school
2010 November Jing Yi technology
2010 December Changhua wastewater treatment plant
2010 December Army school
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